My preciousss

Cu intarziere (mare), mi-a ajuns o carte care sper ca va fi cel putin pe jumatate de buna pe cat am auzit-o laudata. Nu sunt adeptul teoriilor conspirationsite, dar nu strica inca un punct de vedere.

3 Responses to “My preciousss”

  1. 1 Maya Ianuarie 23, 2008 la 9:22 pm

    Trebuie sa fie interesanta,desi sunt convinsa ca mai mult de jumatate din ce e scris acolo e fictiune…

  2. 2 Lina Mai 21, 2017 la 12:47 pm

    It makes my head hurt to think of what is actually needed…well, besides some leadership in Washington that isn’t cotdnrare-owoep, morally deficient, and apparently brain dead.”Our” gain is money for everyone at the military spending feed frenzy party, new cars for undertakers perhaps….and yeah, I am having that kind of a ‘fall off the flat earth’ sort of day. Seriously, if anything ever really pings to be shouted from rooftops, feel free to pop over to the forum and blast it loudly there as well as here.

  3. 3 Mai 31, 2017 la 8:59 pm

    I say boycott bunjie this guy i played with sayed he would get me recon and it was okay if i beat him and he worked for bunjie three weeks later no recon my gamertag is LEGEND1678

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